WHAT IS DOMAIN SQUATTING? “Domain Squatting” is generally when a third-party purchases a domain name with the sole intent of holding it hostage and selling it for large sums of money to an interested buyer. When someone is squatting on a domain name, it can have serious impacts to your business. Potential clients and customers may not find you, or worse, the site may be negative in tone or have other adverse effects. If someone is squatting on your domain, and you own a trademark, we can help you obtain the domain. If you don’t yet own the trademark, we can help you get the trademark and subsequently obtain the domain. Give our attorneys a call and see how they can help you resolve your domain name dispute today.

 DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS?  If you have questions about obtaining a copyright, or concerning copyright infringement, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have both enforced and defended against copyright disputes.

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